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  • Changing a Child’s Life Via Adoption

    Whether you are interested in adopting a child or putting up your own child for adoption, both types of decisions require a great deal of emotional investment and are not easy to come by. In either situation, the process often takes a toll on the interested party’s time, energy and finances. This is why it is so important to consider enlisting the representation of a qualified, skilled adoption attorney. Having someone on your side during these types of processes can give you what it takes to pull through, save time and costs and succeed with your initial objective. Sandra J. Peake, Atty. has many years of experience in assisting people with adoption procedures.

Child adoption is an exciting experience. Make it joyous and fulfilling

Adoption Services Backed by Experience and Success

Sandra J. Peake, Atty., proudly offers the following services in regards to adoption:

  • Adoptions by individuals and couples
  • Adoptions of foster children
  • Representation of birth parents in adoption cases
  • Adoption by step-parents or second parents
  • Adoptions via private agencies
  • Same sex marriage adoptions

Get the Clarity You Need to Succeed

If you are one of the many people who is interested in adoption procedures and have begun the research, you may have already found out that it can be a complex and sometimes confusing process. As your adoption attorney, we will be committed to answering all of your questions and helping you through the haze that surrounds the legal procedures of securing an adoption. Some of the questions we often help our clients with include confirmation of the birth parents of the child, how much will the process cost and how those costs will be used during the process and how long it might take before you accomplish your goals. Sandra is proud to serve as a same sex marriage adoption lawyer as well.

Information About Our Services

Sandra J. Peake, Atty. is also certified to help with a range of family law issues, including divorce, child custody, probate law, and debt and bankruptcy. If you would like more information on any of those other services, please contact us today. As a qualified adoption attorney in Houston, Texas, Sandra J. Peake is also proud to offer same sex marriage lawyer services.


The process of adoption cannot be finalized without accomplishing the very important steps of having the parents of the child relinquish their rights either voluntarily or involuntarily through a process known as termination. If both parents agree with the adoption and voluntarily relinquish their rights, then the adoption can move forward. Some of the reasons why parents’ rights are terminated are:

  • They left their child alone or in the possession of another person.
  • They placed the child in a situation where their physical or emotional well-being was in danger.
  • They are not providing sufficient support to maintain the child.
  • They abandoned their child.

The typical length of an adoption procedure is 6 or more months. Another prerequisite to finalizing the adoption is the completion of a social study, often in the home of the potential parents, which also has to be filed and reviewed by the court. The applicants also are subjected to a criminal background check.


Some children are brought into the world outside of marital relationships. Many times, in order to establish parentage for reasons related to child support and custody, biological mothers and fathers commit to determining who the other parent is of the child in question.

Establishing parentage is a very important matter. For mothers, the mother-child relationship is determined in three different ways:

  1. 1. The woman gave birth to the child.
  2. 2. A court order adjudicated the maternity of the woman.
  3. 3. The woman adopted the child.

For fathers, the father-child relationship is determined either by an unrebutted presumption that the man is the father, or by the results of a paternity test.

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