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  • Free Yourself from Bankruptcy

    If you are facing a situation in Houston, Texas where you are considering the option to file for bankruptcy, you are likely facing a lot of questions, uncertainties and worries. However, we want you to know that your options are not all that limited and that there are benefits to be derived from the process. Some of the potential benefits you as an individual or as the owner of a business can reap from successfully filing for bankruptcy include, halting imminent repossession, garnishments or foreclosures. While the situation may not currently be in your favor, successful completion of bankruptcy can have the effect of opening the door to another chance at attaining financial stability at some point in time. Sandra J. Peake has been representing many clients over the course of her long career as a bankruptcy attorney and has experience in navigating these oftentimes complicated and stressful proceedings in order to protect your best interests. Whether you are looking to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we will help you face your situation and protect the potential for your financial future.

Put an end to creditors harassing you.

As though it isn’t enough to be dealing with the impending stress of knowing that you have a debt problem, creditors may be hounding you and harassing you as well. This is emotionally draining and can be enough to distract you from handling your debt issue the way you would like to handle it. With bankruptcy attorney Sandra J. Peake on your side, you can effectively prevent foreclosures or the loss of personal assets to those harassing creditors by successfully filing for bankruptcy. If you need a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer who is prepared to take on your case and handle it in a personalized, professional manner, then contact us now.

Make Sure You Are Seeking Out the Correct Bankruptcy

As you research your options for filing for bankruptcy more, you will find that there are different options available depending on the situation and type of consumer or business professional filing for bankruptcy. Sandra J. Peake proudly offers her bankruptcy attorney services in Houston, Texas in the following areas:

  • Put an end to litigation
  • Discharge of car loans, credit cards, taxes, and property settlements
  • CPA
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Putting a stop to IRS collection

Sandra J. Peake will help you understand your situation and decide how to move forward in order to successfully accomplish your goals.

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney You Can Count On

Gregg Heckley is the trusted bankruptcy lawyer at our firm who helps clients successfully strategize how to plan for their financial future as well as discharge bad debt they have attached to their credit. The smartest way to deal with debt issues is to take the legal road with someone that has the right set of qualifications and experience. With this type of professional attention, you may be able to successfully convince creditors to discharge your bank loans or property settlements.

Whether you need a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney, you can rely upon the team of professionals at the Sandra J. Peake law firm to help you figure out how to protect your future and achieve the best possible outcome under the current circumstances.

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