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  • Child Custody

    When it comes down to it, there is little that is more important and more in need of specialized legal attention than the issues of child care and custody. Sandra Peake is a child custody attorney in Houston, Texas who can help guide you through the strong laws that conserve the well-being and welfare of children involved in custody cases. She will help you avoid compromising the best interests of your child or children by navigating you through the complexities of the legal route towards securing their custody. With her numerous years of experience in handling matters related to child custody, including complex custody cases, Sandra Peake will work with you and help you determine and reach for the best possible outcome. Contact our law offices today to find out more information about how we can help you and your family find resolve in matters concerning divorce, probate law, adoptions and child custody.

Temporary Custody

Dealing with the time and financial burdens of custody cases only adds to the stress of knowing that every minute matters when it comes to the well- being of your child. Acquiring temporary custody can help alleviate much of that burden by getting the child into the care of someone who can best protect them as soon as possible. Some of the situations that call for temporary custody include:

  • Parents are not available or somewhere outside of the country
  • One parent is unavailable due to military obligations
  • Custodial parent is in jail or otherwise not able to perform their duties

Hire the Right Child Custody Attorney

When the best interests of your child or children are on the line, there is no better time to ensure that you have a highly skilled and experienced child custody attorney on your side. Sandra J. Peake, Atty. is fully committed to providing each and every client with the same level of representation and legal guidance to help make a complicated and oftentimes distressing situation resolve with the best possible outcome. Contact us today for a consultation and find out how we can help you and your family get what you deserve.

Keeping Your Child’s Best Interests at the Forefront

In the extremely sensitive arena of family law, Sandra J. Peake will make sure to implement her notably high standards of ethics and practice in order to provide quality and efficient consulting services. She will work together with you and your family to develop a plan that you understand, can comment and question on, and will help you reach the goals you wish to achieve, especially in the most complex custody cases.


When you or your ex-spouse wish to modify or change the terms of an existing court order regarding child custody, then modifications must be made. If you believe that there is a case to be made about a material or significant change since the court order was made, you may modify the following:

Child Support:

Your children’s rights lawyer can help you petition to modify the amount of child support being made with a Motion or Petition to Modify. These are often sought out in order to increase or decrease the amount of child support being paid on a monthly basis. Either parent (paying parent or parent receiving the payments) can initiate these claims. If the amount of support they feel should be modified is either 20% or $100.00 more or less than the amount that would be awarded by the Child Support Guidelines, a strong case can be made for modification.

Conservatorship or Possession and Access

When a child reaches the age of 12, they gain access to a special privilege that allows them to state whether or not they would prefer one of their parents to have the exclusive right to designate their primary residence. Also, in cases where the parent who has access to that exclusive right has relinquished the care and possession of the child to someone else for 6 months, or if the order of possession has become unmanageable, then there may be modifications made to the owner of those exclusive rights.

If the child has been injured and their conservator has been either convicted or received a deferred adjudication as a result of that, then the other party may seek to modify possession and access.

The same applies if the conservator has received similar admonishment for cases involving violence within the family.


In some cases, court orders have already been established, but one of the parties ends up being negligent or refusing to fulfill the order. The action that is brought about to enforce court orders in these types of situations is known as enforcement. Some examples of enforcement action against orders include:

Child Support: Violations in making timely or sufficient payments. Also, it may involve failure to pay medical child support, or the obligor does not compensate the parent who paid for uninsured medical costs.

Property: When a court order details that a person has to surrender a piece of property to the other party, yet the obligor fails to do so on time or refuses to do so.

Visitation: Court orders often detail the times and addresses at which children are to be returned to their custodial parents. If the conservator violates these terms, they may face an enforcement action.

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