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    Few situations in life are as unpredictable and difficult as facing a divorce. Aside from the large emotional burden that a divorce has on the involved parties, the process is commonly linked to legal complications that can be stressful and costly. If you have reached the point where you and your partner no longer feel the relationship is able to be sustained, and you are looking to file for a divorce, contact us as soon as you can. As an experienced high asset divorce lawyer, Sandra Peake is available to help couples reach for a solution to their underlying issues so that they can move forward with this process and finalize it. As a contested divorce attorney, Sandra is well prepared to help clients reach points where they are willing to communicate and negotiate in order to prevent prolonged and strenuous divorce proceedings. As an uncontested divorce attorney, Sandra also has the experience necessary to bring about a fair resolution. She will also keep the best interests of any children who may be involved in the divorce in mind, as they are commonly emotionally affected by divorces and demand the type of attention and consideration that Sandra Peake has to offer.

Postnuptial agreements as a means of alleviating pressure

Many divorcing couples find that they save themselves a lot of stress, time and money after making the decision to reach for a postnuptial agreement. When drafted carefully, these agreements can mark the road towards a divorce that ends in a way that is mutually agreed upon by both parties. However, these are not always a possibility, especially in cases where the causes of the divorce have created a rift in communication and respect between the parties. We can inform you about what options are available to you.

Houston, Texas’ Respected Family Law Counsel

Atty. Sandra J. Peake is a reputable high asset divorce lawyer who holds many years of experience when it comes to helping her clients resolve family law issues. She is known to always put the best interests of her clients at the forefront of her representation and is not one to be caught off guard should the discussions surrounding a divorce break down and necessitate litigation. Whether you need a contested divorce attorney or an uncontested divorce attorney, Sandra is ready to stand in your corner and fight for the best possible outcome for each and every one of her clients.

Reach for the settlement of business interests and liabilities, as well as disputes over property

In many divorce cases, property disputes and liability issues pop up and mar the progress that might have been accomplished on the road towards settlement. These issues tend to be contentious and technical, in which case we call upon trusted experts in the areas of financing and accounting who can help determine the value and possible resolutions to such issues. We are committed to transparent case work, where honesty and assertive representation help us to fight and win on your behalf. The objective, no matter what the separation agreement or business concern may be, is for you to reach a timely settlement that preserves your best interests.


Divorce comes about as a decision for many reasons. We find that some of the more common reasons for divorce are spouses growing apart from one another in compatibility, infidelity, communication breakdown, cases of domestic abuse, deterioration or alteration of mental health, financial disputes, corroded relationships with other family members, theological differences, deterioration of interpersonal intimacy and disputes over how to raise or discipline children. In Houston (and throughout the state of Texas), a marriage can be dissolved according to fault grounds or no fault grounds.
Fault Grounds
Commonly associated with acts such as adultery, abandonment, separation, felony conviction, or cruelty.
No Fault Grounds
This basically suggests that the marriage is no longer supportable due to the fact that the personalities of the people involved in the marriage are in a state of conflict that prevents them from forgiving and communicating in ways that help maintain a healthy relationship.

Uncontested Divorce:

When both people in a relationship agree to file for a divorce, as well as find agreement in regards to how they will divide their marital estate, liabilities, and (when applicable) child custody, support, and visitation rights, then the divorce is considered uncontested. Sandra Peake serves as an uncontested divorce attorney to help people navigate through the normal operating procedures of completing the divorce and alleviating any issues that may arise along the way.

Contested Divorce:

When both people in a relationship cannot agree to file for a divorce, how to divide their property and liabilities, or how they plan to establish conservatorship when they have a child or children between them, the divorce is considered contested. Many times, these situations call for temporary orders that allow for use and possession of property, access to children, payment arrangements, and more during the divorce proceedings. Sandra Peake’s experience as a contested divorce attorney allows for a more direct and effective approach towards a situation that tends to invite stress and dispute.

Collaborative Divorce:

As mentioned before, when it comes to filing for divorce, there are many options available for individuals or couples to protect their best interests. A collaborative divorce is another example of one of those options, where the spouses can work with a professional team in order to establish and finalize the issues revolving around their divorce. While this may seem similar to mediation, it differs in that it requires the spouses, their attorneys, and other experts – who advise on custody or financial matters – to conduct several meetings until a collaborative agreement is attained. The next step is to submit the collaborative agreement to the court in order to avoid trial and successfully complete the divorce.

Mediated Settlement:

A divorce does not necessarily go straight into contested hearing or the final trial. In many cases, courts want to know that the parties involved in filing for the divorce have attended mediation as a prerequisite to those steps. In mediation settlements, the court will appoint a mediator (a neutral third party) to help bring about a settlement. Sometimes the parties and their legal counsel elect who the mediator will be as well. This process comes as a benefit to couples who are hoping to avoid costly divorce settlement fees, because if it helps to avoid a trial, lots of time and money is saved. Also, there are options available to those with low-income to apply for free or greatly reduced prices for mediation. Successful mediations end with both parties agreeing upon a settlement that they find fair and mutually acceptable. This means that oftentimes there are no further court appearances required, and the parties can move on to the next chapter of their lives.

PRO SE Divorces (Self-Representation):

PRO SE divorces are cases where the parties involved represent themselves. This is one of the options you have, but we highly recommend seeking counsel in situations where:

  • Your spouse has opted to retain counsel of their own.
  • One of the disputed issues is primary custody.
  • Domestic abuse is one of the causes for the divorce.
  • Conflict levels are an issue.
  • You require temporary support for you or your children.
  • Your spouse earns substantially more income.
  • Assets, such as property and retirement assets, are shared between spouses.

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