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Hiring a complex estate planning attorney is one of the key steps when you or your family are getting ready to begin the process of estate planning. The reason we mentioned it is complex, is because there is a whole set of information that needs to be gathered, organized and understood in a way that prepares the family for the future. Sandra Peake has served for decades as a complex estate planning attorney, helping families and individuals walk through the multiple steps before producing a solid, legally sound estate plan. Decisions are made about distribution of assets and liabilities, tax planning advice is disseminated, executors are assigned and trust, wills and powers of attorney are drawn up and officiated as required.

Sandra Peake proudly offers a probate flat fee for her services. This allows for families undergoing this process to have a firm idea of what the costs will be to establish their estate and prevent them from worrying about costs getting out of control when what they are doing is making an intelligent, proactive decision to prepare themselves for the imminent future. For example, one of the main worries of executors involved with a will is that they will run up numerous charges for making phone calls to the attorney to ask reasonable and expected questions about their tasks. This probate flat fee should help dispel those worries and make the process move along much more easily than anticipated. Once families have understood and paid the probate flat fee, Sandra Peake will begin the process as their complex estate planning attorney. She will help the family gather all of the pertinent information and documentation, file their application to probate a will, prepare hearings, arrange court dates and certifications, and send out important correspondences pertaining to the officiation of the will or trust.

If you are looking for a complex estate planning attorney in Houston, Texas with the right combination of skill, experience and knowledge as to how to best navigate and complete your mission of establishing an estate plan, then contact the Sandra Peake Law Firm today for your consultation and find out more about how to get organized!

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