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Fathers who are dealing with paternity issues in Houston should be reassured by the fact that they can find fair and professional representation through the Sandra Peake Law Firm. Any divorce situation involving children is stressful and can be the center of a lot of contention in the lives of the parents. There are many issues that will continue to necessitate attention and possible time in court as the child grows into adulthood. As parents continue to play their important roles in the lives of their children, it will best benefit them and their children to play by the rules and follow the advice and counsel of a qualified legal representative who can make sure that the best interests of the child are met.

Sandra Peake is a child custody lawyer that can help you determine what rights you have as a father and how you can fight for your best interests. In many paternity cases, it is the role of the court to help determine whether or not a person is the father of a child or not. This will determine if child support payments are due.

For example, paternity is something that can be either agreed upon or presumed. In either case, some of the considerations are whether or not a person is the acknowledged father, the presumed father, an equitable parent, an alleged father, or a stepfather. Each of these has its own set of prerequisites and also comes with its own set of corresponding responsibilities. Your child custody lawyer will help you determine if you fit one of these categories, or if the person you presume is the father of your child fits any one of these categories, and how you can move forward with that information to establish the circumstances in the court.

The Sandra Peake Law Firm proudly offers the best family lawyer that Houston, Texas has to offer. If you are seeking information regarding paternity issues in Houston, contact us for a consultation today. As the potential father or understood father of a child, you are guaranteed to certain rights. If you are someone who is seeking the father of a child, then you may be owed child support. In any case, a child custody lawyer will be able to help you navigate these emotional and complex processes.

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