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    Probate law issues are unfortunately commonly associated with a lot of stress, time, and tarnished family relations. When someone in a family passes and they leave behind an estate, the family of the parted usually receives their possessions. In many instances, families opt to take a legal route to resolve will and estate related issues, especially those involving disputes over property. A lot of times there are valuables at stake which certain family members feel they have domain over, yet the legality of their opinions may be questioned by others. When a family begins having disputes over probate issues, things can get really nasty really quick.

    Sandra J. Peake is a qualified probate attorney in Houston, Texas who is well adept at helping families sift through the emotions and commotion caused by probate issues surrounding wills and trusts. She is also experienced as an estate planning lawyer, if you are interested in preventing probate issues for your family when your time comes. With a little bit of proactive attention, you can fine tune how you want your belongings to be distributed and prevent future family fallouts.

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A Relatively Simple Act of Planning Today Can Prevent a Complex and Tumultuous Problem

Feel free to contact probate attorney Sandra J. Peake if you are hoping to establish your will or establish power of attorney. Wills and trusts are part of the vast experience that Sandra has covering probate law issues. It is also to be noted that probate law holds domain over issues such as applications of guardianship (different from family law/adoption) and applications for conservatorship. Whatever you hope to accomplish, we will utilize our professionalism and quality work ethic to help you establish a plan to preserve the stability of your family’s future.

When You Need Answers to Your Probate Questions

Probate attorney Sandra J. Peake is proud to be a certified lawyer by the Texas Bar Board in Marital and Family Law. For several decades, Sandra has helped her clientele understand their options and reach successfully for their goals of protecting their best interests. If you need an estate planning lawyer to help you with wills and trusts, or a family law attorney for matters concerning divorce, child custody, and more, then contact us today. We are committed to providing quality services to help you alleviate the stress of these situations.

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